Starting My Blog

Well, it has finally taken me a year after deciding I wanted to create a blog – and now I have actually done it!   It may take me awhile to learn what I need to get it up and running and posting on a regular basis. Please check back and see my progress.

You may find all sorts of content here about Life at the LazyN farm. My husband and I have a small farmstead in South Dakota where we raise a few animals for meat and fiber, chickens for eggs, and a grand daughter age 4. Both of us work “in town” full time as well. Life is busy but we love our farm and home.

Other than the farm animals, I crochet and also process the fiber from our animals – spinning it into yarn. I like to crochet and I do knit as well but prefer crochet. We take care of our 4 year old grand daughter and I will share more about that in a separate post.

We like to eat too! So you will find some recipes that strike my fancy, some that are tried and true and some that are on my bucket list.

Thanks for visiting!


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