What a Week! warning…LONG!

Drama happens every once in awhile here at the LazyN. Shall we say everyday there is some kind of fire to put out or bridge to cross. 

Let me fill you in briefly….

We take care of our 4 year old grand daughter – we have guardianship with full custody. She has been with us for 3 years now. Parents are in the picture sporadically – one of which is my daughter who has been diagnosed  with Borderline Personality Disorder Cluster B (wow!) and is also a hopefully recovering addict of alcohol and narcotics and presently in her 3rd stint of treatment. Not proud of her actions at all but am proud she is trying to help herself get better. Dad is currently in prison again for violating his parole. They are still married but do not live that way since they can’t afford to get a divorce. My daughter also has an older daughter who lives with her father (marriage #1) and has visitation which we supervise until my daughter gets back on track again. Yikes! Talk about baggage!!

So, here we are, in our 50s and raising a 4 year old! My daughter is 30. Now, things have certainly changed over the years when it comes to kids. We both work full time jobs as well and I drive 20 miles to mine. Add to that the weekly court ordered visitation for older grand daughter of ours. 

I am NOT complaining though! Life just gets too hard some days.

This week I was waiting to see if I was selected for a new position at work which would have been a promotion for me. I had a feeling on Wednesday that the outlook was bleak. 

We are also buying a new redi built home to put on our farmstead. We have a GREAT deal in place but the first payment to start building is due April 1st. We paid off our contract for deed on the farm and land but there was a problem with getting the warranty deed. We purchased the place from a wonderful woman who passed away in the middle of our contract. Her property went to her daughter and it seems that the title was never transferred to her properly. Of course we find this out now and we need to close on the deal so that we can make that first payment on the new house. If we don’t make that payment on time then we lose the GREAT deal (highly discounted). So, now I hope you understand my anxiety this week!

Add to that – problems with the visitation hours for the older grand daughter. Her father and stepmother play games and do not adhere to the court order. They are in contempt of court but my daughter needs to take that to court, no money, but she will do it when she returns from treatment without an attorney – she will have to represent herself. Anyway, we are tired of being jerked around by the crap the father pulls. 

Hopefully this isn’t boring you yet. Sorry if it is.

Oh, and we raise a small flock of sheep and lambs are due to be born anytime so we are having to check on them a couple times in the middle of the night.

Stressed Out for sure!

Well, here is how the week has progressed…..

I did not get the promotion.  We did get 4 year old to her cheerleading fun clinic and performance at the local high school basketball game. We did pick up the older 9 year old grand daughter but she needs to be back at her father’s house by 11 this morning. Ugh! We are supposed to have her until 5pm. We live 20 away from there as well so driving is a pain. The weather is going to get COLD again…. subzero at night for the next week for sure. We hired an attorney for grandparent rights and to make sure the two sisters get regular visitation. I still need to get groceries but it is amazing that I can actually dream up something from the stuff in the cupboards! The two Lhasa Apso dogs both need me to clip and bathe them. And the list goes on. 

BUT, I love my life and being able to help where I can and am glad I am here to take care of my grand daughter. God put me in this position for a reason and I will live it out the best I can with His help. 

This is a long post but it help you to know more about me and my life right now. I promise this will not be a blog that is me just spouting off. I will briefly touch on some of the things going on but this will be a blog of things I love and new things I learned and want to learn.

Thanks for reading! 

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