Monday Monday

Well, we have bitter cold and now snow ….. AGAIN!  It seems our winters here are getting longer and colder as the years roll by.  It makes for crisp trips to the barn at 3 a.m. to check the ewes for signs of lambing.

We have 22 ewes in our flock. Katahdins (hair sheep) and wool polypays and other mixed breeds.  We like the Katahdins… mild mannered and do not need shearing.

The other night I could smell skunk…. a sure sign of Spring!  My flashlight was moving quite quickly so I could spy the skunk in time to make a mad dash. Last night the skunk was not around, well the smell anyway.

We also have a boer goat that is bred. First time with a bred goat so I am excited! I have made goat milk soap with store bought milk but want it from my own goat. I am weird that way! Also, I want to make cheese. I have read about it but have not made the plunge. Hubby will turn his nose up but I am game to try anything. We will save milk to use for the bum lambs if any are born.  We used to buy milk replacer but that is soooo expensive!

Well, time to go check the sheep.

Have a good night!

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