Reasons to Take PTO

I am home from work today on PTO. It was a good time to take a day off especially after a stressful week! I feel much more relaxed even . A much needed mental health day! But here is the weird twist – I am working on getting my income taxes done!

We have small farm income and I also sell AVON (  so need to get my receipts in order – then plug them into bookkeeping software- then plug numbers into my tax software. Did I mention that I have not done any of this for last year????  It should go pretty fast entering. I should have the farm reports done today (crossing fingers) for sure.

Now, is this a crazy excuse to take PTO??   What do you take PTO for other than illness or vacation?

We are also lambing right now and hubby is tired so I am taking the shift as well today so he doesn’t have to drive out to our place on his lunch break.  So, I suppose I can add that as a reason to take PTO as well!

Have a great day!

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