Ringing in My Ears

Update:  3-20-14

Sorry I haven’t gotten back about how this is going (or not ringing anyway).  The second recipe helped some but not quickly enough for me. Of course, I have had the ringing for several years so I guess I shouldn’t stop applying the oils now. But…. impatient me….. I decided to just use the Helichrysum and it is helping but I have to remember to continue to apply it every couple hours for sure!  I still have the ringing but not as bad so I do believe it is working with just the Helichrysum.  (click)

You can use any brand you like but I like doTerra and Spark Naturals.

And remember to use the coupon code “lazynfarm” when ordering from Spark Naturals so you receive your 10% discount!!!

Update:  3-6-15

I have decided the first part of the recipe did not help very much. So, I am adding the following oils and starting the protocol over:


2 drops of a calming blend

5 drops cypress

4 drops lemongrass

Original post:

I am one of the not so lucky people who have to learn to deal with tinnitus everyday. A person somehow can shut it out some but lately I can’t.  I decided to try some essential oils to see if that would help.  I have had very good results using essential oils for other ailments so why not try it for the ringing.

I found a recipe on the internet and adjusted it with another which I felt would help me. I also did a little research on the internet as well as in a book I have called Modern Essentials.  Yesterday was Day One using this recipe of mine.

Essential oil rollerball recipe for ringing in the ears-

Ring Stop

15 drops Juniper Berry
5 drops Basil
7 drops Frankincense
7 drops Heliochrysum
Mix in 10ml rollerball
Top off with fractionated coconut oil or other carrier oil.
Apply on bone behind ear and down to jawline every 30 minutes for the first 2 hours, then hourly for rest of Day One. On Day Two apply every 2 hours and on Day Three apply every 4 hours. If ringing stops any time during this do not stop protocol.

If this does not work for me then I have a few more oils to add to the mix and will repeat the same protocol but I will try this first.

Wish me luck!


Update:  Day One – I think the hissing ring is not as loud but it is still there and louder than usual. The smell of the oils is interesting but does not linger too long.  ~JoAnn

Update: Days Two& Three – The ringing is less but still there. I guess you can’t fix something in a few days that has been there for years! 🙂  It probably didn’t help that I was in a couple of very loud places the past two days either.  I will keep going to Day Four….

Update: Day Four – no change from yesterday.  I am going to add a few more ingredients tomorrow morning and continue the protocol.

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