Getting Ready for Lambing

With lambing creeping up on us, I figure I should probably get the “medical kit” upgraded.  Here are a few things I like to have handy:

Vet gloves, to the shoulder length, for reaching inside to straighten out tangled lambs so they can be born, and searching in case one thinks there may be another one since the placenta didn’t deliver.

Something to lube those gloves up with….

Ewe spoons – yep, sometimes the insides want to come out in the weeks before lambing so must push it back in and insert the spoon or brace. We use a homemade baling twine system to keep it in. Our vet thought it was very interesting – he prefers to sew them up instead. Hah!

LA-300 – just in case and to use when putting that spoon in…

Surgical Needles and umbilical tape  in case the spoon method doesn’t work.

Nasal syringe

Stomach tubing and syringe in case a lamb won’t drink.

towels, bucket, disinfecting soap

That is just a start. There are other items but we usually pick those up in town if needed since we are only a few miles out of city limits.

Most lambs hit the ground running but it seems we always have at least one ewe that prolapses and one lamb that needs tubing. I have to pull lambs occasionally since we tend to have multiple births.

I love lambing season except for the middle of the night barn checks.  I really can’t wait for it to start.  I love to see the baby lambs!

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