Wool Dryer Balls


Now why in the world would we wind up wool yarn in a ball, stuck it in an old pantyhose kneehigh, then stick it in the washing machine and wash it in HOT water?


Well, we want to felt it so we can use it in the clothes dryer. Makes sense, right?

Of course! We want to have a chemical free dryer companion that shortens drying time as well as reduce static! Wool dryer balls will also reduce wrinkles and help with softening clothes.

After washing these bad boys a few times with regular loads they will felt. Then, just pop them in the dryer (at least three tennis ball size) with your laundry and if you would like a nice scent, add a few drops of pure essential oils. dry as usual but you may want yo test drying time as the dryer balls help reduce drying time.

I would suggest using natural color wool to make sure there us no dye bleed.

The dryer balls I am making today of course are not finished to post a picture (will update post when they are done) but here is a nice picture of some completed and ready for action dryer balls. These were made with store bought 100% feltable wool yarn.


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