John Edward – 100 Day Evolution

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A few years back my husband and I began watching John Edward Crossing Over which showed excerpts from “medium readings” to people in the audience from their loved ones who had passed on in death. John Edward is the medium.  Now I am open to this idea but my hubby at that time was the type of person that would think someone was goofy in the head for even thinking it could be true.  Well, he was probably more intrigued about it than I was!  As we watched the different episodes and readings performed we discussed the subject thoroughly.

Since then, Crossing Over went off the air and John Edward had a different type of television show about the “Other Side” and we could not get that channel it was broadcast on where we lived. We always wanted to go to a reading event but would have to travel a long distance and that included $$$$ and trying to find someone to watch our animals while we were gone.

Now, we have booked tickets to see a live reading event and we even purchased the VIP passes!  I can’t wait!  We are going in August!

Now, John Edward has offered this 100 Day Evolution opportunity for FREE! Yes, FREE!

It is an online daily short video discussing different things to help us:


I invite you to join this event. You can sign up, watch the videos each day (or catch up with them later if you miss a day or many). There will be advertising to sign up for Evolve and there is a store you could purchase items from – however, you DO NOT need to purchase anything to take part in the 100 Day Evolution!

I just wanted to share this with you because I believe this will enhance our lives and help us to “evolve.”

The website is   – click on EVOLVE on the Menu Bar then 100 Day Evolution.  You will be prompted to register and get an email with your password ( which you can change once you are logged in).


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