Essential Oils 101

Here is a nice informative article on the basics of essential oils.

AromaTools™ Blog

Since we are in the “back-to-school” spirit, let’s do a little review on some of the basics of essential oils.

Quick Definitions from Modern Essentials

Essential Oils: Substances created inside aromatic plants that are both volatile (they evaporate) and oil soluble (they easily mix with oils and fats).

Aromatic: Referring to plants that have an aroma.

Topical Application: Placing an essential oil directly on the skin or other surface of the body.

Aromatic Application: Often called “aromatherapy,” aromatic application refers to inhaling an essential oil or its aroma.

Internal Application: Internalizing an essential oil, typically through the mouth.

Carrier Oil: A carrier oil refers to a vegetable oil, wax, fat, or other oil that an essential oil is mixed with. The carrier oil “carries” the essential oil and dilutes it so its effects can be spread over a large area.

Neat: Applying an essential oil by itself, without diluting it…

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