Where Have I Been?

Sorry I haven’t posted in quite awhile.  I have had some personal issues to deal with and it has taken up most of my time along with work and the farm.

So I have been delving into being prepared for a world of question. Just watching the world news is a good reason to start preparing for an emergency situation. With our strange upset in the political world and also the terrible terrorist attacks and illnesses, I am getting prepared!

Also, water…… start storing water now. You can store water for a long time as long as your container is sterile when you put water in it and you seal it.  Of course, cases of 16 or 20 oz bottles will also do. Lately they have been on sale so I am stocking up!

Medicines – I have a nice collection of essential oils and am learning about the chemical composition of them to be able to use and/or blend oils for medicinal purposes.  Also, I am playing with Herbs and plan on planting my own herb garden so that I will have access to them if my oils run out and the situation is where I can not purchase them. So herbs are my backup plan.

I will do some more posts to share what I have found that works for me!

Thanks for staying tuned in……


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