Mosquitoes and Aromatherapy Jewelry

I knew it would come soon sooner rather than later…. or should I say I knew THEY would come!  Mosquitoes!

Going out to the barn at night to check for new lambs and bottle feeding orphan lambs, I was getting very unhappy when getting a few mosquitoes trying to fly up my nose. A couple of days ago I was playing around with some essential oils and that night on my trip out to the barn I noticed no mosquitoes. Now, the mosquitoes are not bad right now but when you haven’t had them in your face since last fall you kind of notice them right away! I thought maybe it was not the right conditions for the mosquitoes since it had cooled off a few degrees.

Then yesterday I made a linen spray for the mattresses in our house as a deterrent for any teeny unwanted visitors. I used a brand name Repellent Blend essential oil from a top direct sales company.  I needed to use the blend up as I had it in my oil box for too long. It smells so good so I think my arms were a little bit covered by the “drift” from spraying.

So, that night out in the barn, no mosquitoes in my face again.  Must be the oil.

Now, thinking ahead to when things get worse…. I have some aromatherapy necklaces and a bracelet where I just add the oils to either a clay ball or to a felt pad in the jewelry. You guessed it. After applying the Repellent Blend to the jewelry, no flying mosquitoes around my face.

My next research is how to make a comparable blend using the same oils in that name brand Repellent Blend. I will share if I come up with one. There are a lot of oils in this one I have and I don’t have them all so I would have to buy about 5 more oils to make it. Unfortunately, quality oils are sometimes expensive so will have to save up.




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