Freeze Dried Foods

Awhile back I started using freeze dried foods mainly to make Meals in Jars to have a quick meal on hand ready in minutes.   This is REAL FOOD!  

Some companies add sugar or salts before freeze drying.  I have found a company that does not generally do that. I have used products from this company for almost two years now. After trying several other companies I found that this company is much better by far. The quality surpasses the others by leaps and bounds!

Just so you know, I am a distributor for this company, ThriveLife. I do earn commissions on orders accessed through this blog.

Back to the info….

When you look at the ingredient list for celery it says: Ingredients: Celery.   That is it – no preservatives or chemicals.  This is what the freeze drying process gives us, real fresh food that just needs to be reconstituted.  Now, this is not “dehydrated” food. Dehydrated foods have the moisture removed by heat and air, and you have to “rehydrate” it.   Freeze drying removes the moisture by freeze drying it – not heat. This process retains the flavor and reconstitutes the food to a natural state.  Freeze dried food makes a great snack as well!  Freeze dried food has a much longer shelf life in room temperature conditions whereas dehydrated food has a shorter lifespan or has to be frozen.

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