Fresh Pasta for Dinner

Oh yes!  Since I found my Kitchen Aid stand mixer at the local Target store awhile back I have slowly been discovering how nice it is to have.  Last week I found an awesome deal on the Pasta/Roller Set and have always wanted to make my own pasta so I bought it for my Christmas present to myself.

Today was test day. I made a small batch of dough and made fettuccine and spaghetti with the help of my 7 year old granddaughter. Oh what fun we had!  I have to say it went very quickly and the biggest time was spent cleaning up the flour mess from granddaughter!

Can you guess what we are having for dinner?  I did cut the fettuccine into 2 inch pieces and rolled the spaghetti up into nests for drying.  We are going to eat the “extra” pieces that cut too short or got crumpled in a pile until I figured out how I wanted to dry it.

I used the basic dough recipe in the manual and welcome pasta dough recipes anytime!

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